• What is the 21-Day Metashred?

    The 21-Day Metashred is a revolutionary online workout program you can complete in just 3 half-hour sessions a week to build your best body ever. It was created by personal trainer BJ Gaddour in conjunction with Men’s Health and is based on years of journal-backed research. When you purchase The 21-Day Metashred you also get access to a 21-day meal plan.

  • What workouts are contained in the 21-Day Metashred?

    There are 9 different 30-minute workouts. Some workouts are designed as total-body fat burners, others target specific body parts, like your abs or your arms. The series attacks flab from all angles using multiple methodologies to help eliminate fat and build new muscle.

  • What equipment do I need to complete the workouts?

    All you need is a pair of light dumbbells, a mat and a box or bench.

  • What is the downloadable Metashred Meal Plan?

    Your downloadable Metashred Meal Plan is an easy-to-follow guide to eating healthy, perfectly portioned meals and snacks for amazing results! It features 50+ recipes, weekly shopping lists and daily menus designed to help you blast fat and build lean muscle.

  • What is the downloadable Metashred Calendar?

    The Metashred Calendar helps you complete three 30-minute workouts a week for three weeks as well as monitor your dietary progress.

  • What if I am not able to complete the workouts?

    There are exercise modifications for every level. Four trainers lead the workouts in The 21-Day Metashred: the lead trainer, BJ Gaddour, along with Kelsey, Idalis and Gideon. Follow BJ if you’re comfortable with his pace; follow Kelsey, who modifies the exercises if you’re struggling to keep up; and follow Idalis and Gideon if you want to go ALL IN!

  • Who is BJ Gaddour?

    BJ Gaddour is a personal trainer, business owner and author of Your Body Is Your Barbell. He is an expert in fat-loss training and total-body fitness and created the 21-Day Metashred after experiencing his own remarkable weight-loss journey. “I was once a pudgy 125kg and wore 44-inch pants. Today I’m a ripped 102kg and slip into size 32-inch jeans. I tried every fat loss method imaginable, from highly-researched fitness advice to underground bodybuilding methods. I’ve helped men with zero training lose triple-digit body fat and seasoned lifters drop that last stubborn 5kg.” Gaddour specialises in fast, efficient and effective workouts that help busy people get the results they want in the time they have.

  • What results can I expect with the 21-Day Metashred?

    The 21-Day Metashred can help you slash fat while building total-body strength and functional muscle. A new and better you is within your grasp.